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Smart repairs_

We are part of a benchmark technological group in Europe_

Myfixpert takes part of CyG It Sustainable Tech, Southern Europe technological leader in after-sales services that counts with experts certified by leading manufacturers.

Diagnosis based on 3M of previous experiences_

Our platform Aitana gathers and save all the information about incidences of the different equipment, models and manufacturers providing a big reliability in the diagnosis.

Talking about us_

The European hospital of technology

A computer store in a town in Seville has become one of the largest repair service networks in 15 years.

“They have an autodiagnostic system, Aitana, with artificial intelligence that allow them to identify at least in a 90%of the times the device problem only by the description of a few symptoms”.

A global platform of technical assitance with presence in 102 countries_

500k repaired devices each year, avoiding 100k tons of C02_