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Keeping away from Malware

Keeping away from ‘Malware’ o ‘malicious software’ has become an essential task to get a good functioning of our devices and security of our personal data at a particular or corporative level. The experts point out that though it cannot damage the system hardware or network equipment, “it can steal, encrypt or delete your data, alter or kidnap the basic functions of the computer and spy its activity without our consent or permission”, which makes it the biggest enemy of the web security.

The truth is that big companies invest on big equipment to the security of its networks, platforms, and devices; however, the individual user do not have the time nor the precise tools to eliminate the risk of this infectious agents. On this basis, in our today post we want to offer you 5 basic recommendations that will help to protect your device:

  • Do NOT download attached files of ‘suspicious’ e-mails.

  • Avoid downloading and/or executing files or video files in web pages that you access through a link included in an e-mail.

  • Download applications exclusively from Google Play or App Store.

  • Install an anti-malware program in your devices. There are many from different kind and even for free.

  • Keep actualized your device’s operating system, navigator and applications, most of the times it keeps the door shut to new malware.

In Myfixpert we are committed in extending the devices useful life and this kind of threats block, disable or worsen their efficiency. To this matter, we add that fighting this kind of ‘malicious’ agents is key to get a sustainable technology with a lower environmental footprint.

If you want to know Myfixpert, and our experience in caring and repairing of electronic devices, visit our web:

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