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What to consider when searching for a gaming keyboard

Gaming through computer has become in a hobby that each year move followers convinced of the advantages regarding the pc over the market most renown consoles. As every specialization, it has developed its own codes and requirements that gain its own personality in the peripherals. The keyboard is one of them and a key piece to get the best gaming experience.

However, those who want to start in this world of gaming must know that it is not easy to understand the characteristics that they should look for in a keyboard and consider whether it is worth to invest in certain «upgrade» or not.

The most important shopping factors the experts indicate can be outlined in the following elements, as it is pointed out in this article of El Confidencial:

  • The mechanical, semi-mechanical or membrane gaming keyboard: Mechanical keyboards are recommended to those who play every day and, to the most demanding gamers. Semi-mechanical and membrane ones are in turn more versatile and suitable to those who play occasionally but also need a keyboard to write.

  • Resistance: Preferably, a gaming keyboard should have a dustproof as well as waterproof tight design. We never know if a drink can be spilled over the device while we are gaming.

  • Stability: Choosing a keyboard with non-slip legs will be very useful to avoid undesired movements while we are playing.

  • Wireless or wired?: There are only a few gaming wirelesses keyboards.

  • Materials: Clearly, if we are looking for a good offer in gaming keyboards, we should go to those made of plastic. However, if we want high quality, there are keyboards with a metal or aluminium alloy panel to play videogames.

  • LED backlight: It is essential if we are playing during night or in the dark. Also, it is useful to easy identify the position of some keys.

  • Extras: Spanish gaming keyboards with mobile holder, mouse USB port and macro keys, help us to enjoy our play time even more.

  • Power consumption: Especially important if we choose a Bluetooth model that function with battery cells or battery and a lighting system. A gaming keyboard with power-save mode can let us end the game before shutting down.

  • Price: It depends. The best gaming keyboards of the market are over the 100€. However, it is possible to see models of very good quality for 30 or 60 euros.

  • Best brands: Corsair, Razer, Logitech, Klim, TedGem o WisFox are synonyms of quality at a reasonable price.

Have you ever heard of ghosting? How can we avoid it?

Not all the keyboards detect several keystrokes at the same time, an essential requirement to the most of action videogames in which a quick response is needed. This phenomenon is known as ‘ghosting’ since some keyboards do not have individual key sensors. For this reason, out of surprises, the best is to have a look at the technical specifications, checking to have anti-ghosting or key rollover systems on the keyboard that we are going to use to play.

In Myfixpert we count on with great experts in repairing this kind of peripherals and devices specialized in gaming, being MSI official service, one of the principal market players.

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