3 easy steps can improve your Whatsapp security

Security and privacy of our network data are one of the big demands on our users. Most of the time being protected from a cyber-attack or a possible scam is not in our hands, however, today we want to share with you 3 easy steps to make things more difficult for those who come to Whatsapp with bad intentions.

“Some Whatsapp options are default configured and can put our privacy and data at risk”

As you know, Whatsapp is one of the messaging apps with the highest number of users worldwide, and precisely thus the security and privacy issues aren’t one of its strengths. Next, we recommend three easy actions to do in the app itself to be more protected.

  1. Disable the visibility of multimedia files

    Sending images and videos via Whatsapp has become something so common that we do not think in those files that are downloaded and saved by default in our device. This, allowing cybercriminals to send multimedia files with corrupted codes with the aim of attacking our mobile or tablet. To avoid this, you only need to go to “Settings” in the app, click in “chat” and disable the “visibility of multimedia files”.

  2. Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

    Yes, we know that 2FA is a bit bothersome but is an effective way of putting a “wall” of higher security in your device. In order to avoid that any person could add your number in another device you need to enable it in Whatsapp. Go to “settings» again and access to the “account” slot. In this section you will see the button of “2FA” after which will request a six characters secret code of confirmation and a recovery email in case you forget your password.

  3. Setting the privacy of your account

    The platform allows any person to add another unknown contact to a chat group by default. According to the journalist specialized in cyber-security of Forbes, Zak Doffman, it is highly recommended to personally set this and other aspects from the “Privacy” section in the app settings. Thus, limiting the invitations to chat groups, or the possibility to see our profile image to only our known contacts.

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