How can we reduce the technological waste?

It can be said that the technological waste is a relatively modern environmental problem. However, during the last years it has reached positions in our planet’s causes of deterioration. Due to a lineal model of production and consumerism, the obsolescence of electronic devices leaves us the shopping of a new one as only option.

The true is that each year 50 million tons of technological garbage is produced in our planet, including mobiles and – as said by OCDE- every device powered by electricity whose useful life has ended. Some studies point out that we could build 4.500 Torres Eiffel each year with these numbers of waste, which give us perspective on the problem magnitude.

The electronic waste presents a continuous increasing tendency during the past few years. This fact along with the lacking recycling management or reconditioning to extend its useful life, or the presence of some elements of high environmental impact such as lead, antimony, mercury or nickel, shows that the environment is claiming an urgent chance of model.

The experts note the three R’s concept to be the solution to this problem:

  1. Reduce the consumption with models that consider environmental aspects in the used materials.

  2. Reuse the technology, extending its useful life through an occasional repairing that allow us to keep using it and so, delaying the shopping of a new device. Or simply, to those devices that remain obsolete to fulfil certain purposes, you can give them to those people who don’t need the last updates to give them a use.

  3. Recycle and use a big part of their components to repair other devices, avoiding the environmental impact of removing the raw materials and manufacturing again.

In Myfixpert we are experts in reusing and recycling of component to reduce our environmental footprint of the technological sector, enhancing the implementation of a circular economy and the boost of a sustainable technology across the time.

Furthermore, in line with our environmental commitment we comply with the regulations ISO 9001 e ISO 1400 of assurance and quality of the environment, as the AENOR certificate of environmental management certify us. This big worldwide challenge demands the commitment of everyone: service corporations, manufacturers and consumers.

If you want to know Myfixpert, and our experience in caring and repairing electronic devices, visit our web:

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