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Why 5G will revolutionize day to day digitization?

5G is one of technological advances that generates the greatest debate about its capabilities, advantages and applications. The truth is that although this technology is more developed in its implementation than we think, many of its applications are still potential because they dont have necessary capabilities yet.

But to make a quick review of the key aspects of this new technology, we are going to summarize its characteristics in 3 differential elements:

  • It will make it posible to multiply data transmisión speed by 100 due to what is known as ‘low latency’. What will this allow? To connect devices to sensorized networks of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT). In this way we could manage in real time and remotely, from the intensity of a street lamp when its rains, a production planto r even a futre autonomous car that is connected with other road elements. In other words, we will be able to connect greater number of devices, and them will be able to access the net with greater speed.

  • It will be a catalyst for digitization of economy. The general State Budget for 2021 includes an item of 256 millon euros to finance the Strategy to Promote Deployment of 5G. These grants will be focused on development of digital transformation and reindustrialization projects, two áreas in which 5G aims to position as an essential element.

  • It will promote artificial intelligence and task automation systems through predictive models, wich will allow, among other things, tos peed up citizen services in health, or management with the Public sector.

What is clear is that 5G is here to stay and that it configures a great platform to carry out those digitization projects that until now couldn´t be posible. 5G will acelerate digital transformation at all levels and from CyG blog we will inform you about all the advances.

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